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Blindsight is a series of drawings, sequences and short comics. The drawings tell the story in first-person of a man born blind who recovers his sight as an adult. Now sighted but unable to piece together the visual world, he remains mentally blind as an incomprehensible array of shapes, shadows, perspectives and movement unfold in front of his eyes.

A selection of the drawings were arranged in a 60-page book by Recital Press, Philadelphia, and bound and silkscreened by La Mano Ediciones, Santiago. An edition of 20 copies of the book was printed for MoCCA Fest 2016, and the same year was selected for the Comic and Cartoon Annual Show at the Society of Illustrators, New York. Selected pages were on display at the Kaunas Graphic Biennale in Kaunas Lithuania, 2017 and the work won an Honorable Mention in the Premio Municipal de Arte Joven, in Santiago, 2018. The work was exhibited in 2020-2021 as part of the show and publication POST-COMICS, in KASK, Ghent, Belgium. Check the online platform here, and a text on Blindsight by Maaheen Ahmed here.

Check out the online book here.

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