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Las primeras y las últimas cosas

The First and the Last Things

An extension of the Codex series, this work was created within the collective research and exhibition project Crónicas de estar y desaparecer, on view in June-July 2018 at Galería Gabriela Mistral, Santiago de Chile. Thirteen artists created specific interventions in the space of the gallery, interpreting a visual score devised by artists Margarita Sánchez Urdaneta, Paz Ortúzar and Maricruz Alarcón. More focused on time that on space, the show was organized by the score, which defined the intervals during which each of the interventions happened, prompting encounters among them. 

During the timespan of the exhibition, I went every week to the gallery to make little drawings on the wall and on a paper roll on a table, which changed in position and display constantly during the process. The full drawing acts like a seismographic account of the changes within the show through drawn observations, manuals, diagrams, repurposed illustrations and copies of other works flowing in and out of the exhibition.

More on the project here:

Ink and marker on vellum paper, table and drawings on wall.

Crónicas de estar y desaparecer group show.

Galería Gabriela Mistral

Santiago, Chile 


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