Ballads is an open-ended series of drawings, comics and objects, based on tropes, visions and techniques used in 20th century paleoart and naturalist illustration. Extinction is a constant presence in the series, inhabiting multiple temporalities: as an underlying narrative of impending doom; as a current moment actually happening; or as an event already gone, waiting to be reconstructed. Motivated by thoughts on representation, conservation, and resurrection of animal ecosystems, I weigh on past and future worlds where animals have only survived as pictures.

This project was developed in 2019 and 2020 as part of a research project in the Advanced Master of Research in Arts and Design, Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Belgium.




Wild Pugs. Ink on paper.

Crystal Dimetrodon. Gouache on paper.

Fresia. Watercolor on paper.

Male Mammoth (Timekeeper).  Watercolor on paper.

La cueva del Neomylodon. Gouache and graphite on paper

Passenger Pigeons Cloud. Ink on paper.

Soft Golden Egg. Golden gouache on paper.

Megatherium. Ink on paper.

Iguanodon Couple. Gouache on paper.

Pyrenean Ibexes . Ink on paper.

The Ballad of Lonesome George. Ink on paper.