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Mickey contra el Ratón Pérez (después de Christie)

Mickey versus Ratón Pérez (after Christie)

Mickey contra el Ratón Pérez consists of 210 ink drawings copied frame-by-frame from the unfinished comic series of the same name created by the cartoonist Jorge Christie Mouat in Chile in 1937. Jealous of his popularity, Ratón Pérez (a common folk-character in Hispanic America) tries to kill Mickey Mouse in an adventure saga involving pirates, cowboys, gambling, murder and revolution. The wall-to-wall comic rips-off the original story by Christie, who in turn, ignored the strict copyright rules imposed by Disney, thus creating an authentic local Disney-story in an exercise of authorship freedom unfeasible today. The work was exhibited in the group show Historia Mutante, at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), in Santiago, 2016. I presented the research behind the drawing at a panel at the second version of the comics research symposium Dibujos que Hablan, at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, in 2016.

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